panchtatva founder

Priya Arora( Master in Political Science )– Past last 6 year i am thinking about universe in bad situation so people are searching something then i started to know The reason than i get every body searching peace ,love ,care ,in this world. this is possible only if we respect or love with Nature Earth so i started panchtatva(taken From Veda) and idea Came from Mayapur Panchtatva Temple to see purity and love of krishna and i realized if people eat pure than they think pure and more kind and peaceful with other people due to food . so i started panchtatva -Beyond the purity . we are connecting people with panchtatva -Earth ,Air,Water,Light,Sky .so we are developing a range of products that can help people to peace of mind to eat organic food .for air purification we are using panchgavya products and water purity we are Encourge people to grow more tree and proving chemical free range of cleaning products ,our product are unprocessed or without using of any machine (exception packing ).we are focusing on solar energy -a initative for clean and green energy . motivating people to engaed with eco green system


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