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What we really do?

We are adopting Organic products, avoiding the utilization of harmful chemical fertilizers and synthetic compounds.We have great time to boom our national economy and it cannot be done only by prefering made in india products.

Our Vision

The positive aspects of reverting to organic products like our ancestors did are now being accepted throughout the world. Naturally available herbs, minerals, metals and animal products are used in the preparation of medicines and other products.

History of Beginning

We have been a slave to the chemical fertilizer industry for too long. The concept of Organic products as a truly effective alternative is now coming seriously into contention.

What can we do for you ?

Best Quality

When it comes to Organic products Panchtatva is by-far, the undisputed leader with a plethora of award winning as well as innovative products.

Fastest Delivery

Panchtatva offers you fastest delivery at your doorstep.

Customer Care

We provide Customer support with 24*7 assistance. Feel free to contact us any time.


I, Priya Kumari a nature lover who thought about bringing peace, love and care take to the world. I found that to be in love and bow with respect to nature mother, the Earth is the doorway of the fulfillment of the ideology. My concept was, people would be more passionate in love and kindness through food, which is pure than they think. A pure food always heals the body and soul. The organic food concept Panchtatva which is taken from the Veda with prominent elements Earth, Air, Light, Sky and I declare it is the initial step. Chemical free cleaning products, solar energized, unprocessed products are the specialty which makes our products differentiate and prominent among organic products.


Phone No. Of Founder: 9540-35-9540

Customer Care No. : 9540-35-9540